Amco secures its top position in offering quality / cost storage solutions through its partnership with AR Racking Spain. The big industrial rack manufacturer has become the main Amco partner, and Jimmy Anderson, the regional director for Eastern Europe, reveals in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW his intentions for the romanian market.


Interviewer: Mr. Anderson, can you tell us, please, something about AR as one of the most important worldwide racking manufacturers?


Jimmy Anderson: AR Racking offers a wide range of high quality industrial storage solutions for heavy loads, the result of constant technological development and produced by one of Europe’s most advanced production facilities. With an export rate of above 90%, AR currently has a commercial presence in more than 60 countries.
AR Racking is part of the Arania Group, an industrial group of companies with extensive experience in a multi-sectorial activity which has revolved around steel processing for more than 75 years. Although AR Racking is the youngest company in Arania Group, from our beginnings in 2004 we have now grown to team of 200 people. At our Technology Centre located in Zamudio, Spain, our range of products is constantly growing with the development of new solutions and in Tudela, Spain, our highly qualified human team is complemented by automated facilities fitted with state-of-the-art equipment: profile roll forming line machines with continuous cutting process and laser measurement control, welding centres, automated painting and packaging processes. We recently finished our 2nd extension of our production facility covering 35,000 sqm and with an installed capacity of more than 80,000 Tn per year, and we also recently expanded our technology centre in Zamudio, doubling the space we had for the R+D engineering and research offices.


I: Why Romania? Why Amco?


JA: Romania, with a continuous GDP growth of 8.8%, is currently the fastest growing economy in the EU. For example, in manufacturing areas such as electronics and car production, Romania has a comparative advantage over other countries in the region, but also foreign direct investment is another main driver behind this, creating an important demand for storage solutions. Since Amco started its activity in the Romanian market in 2001 it has been become a very important player and a well-established brand in the racking market. Furthermore, Amco is entirely aligned with our strategy as well as our core values, and over the years they have created a competent and competitive team fully capable of handling very complex projects, from design to turn-key installation.


I: Each market has its own specific needs. How does AR manage to perform no matter which geographical area it provides ?


JA: Yes, effectively each market has evolved by the virtue of its own needs. However, there is no doubt that globally customers need to improve the entire process, from production to delivery to the end customer and that’s where the choice of an efficient and flexible storage solution according to the needs of the
customer’s logistics process is essential. Innovation, excellence and quality of service are an intrinsic part of the AR Racking philosophy and our
commitment to invest in the improvement and expansion of our product range is unique in the industrial storage sector.

Some of our latest developments include:

  • A traceability system for our products, a laser marking system, which allows us to have total control over the materials that leave our factory, and therefore monitor their quality process.
  • A complete new range of light beams that combine a state-of-the-art design with high quality raw materials and which are manufactured in a new line that includes the latest advances in cold profiling, allowing us to obtain a completely reliable and safe product.
  • Development and standardisation of structural components for large rack-clad silo installations.

All these and other improvements are part of our strategy to consolidate the growth of the domestic market, the export market, and in general the demand for AR Racking’s storage solutions by companies worldwide. Furthermore, our production capacity enables us to provide our products with the most competitive leadtimes in the racking business.


I: How important is the Romanian market for AR and what is the role of Amco in your business picture?


JA: The Romanian market is our most important market in Eastern and Central Europe, and among our 10 most important markets in Europe thanks to our collaboration with Amco. At AR we consider our distributors as true extensions of our company and the key role of all our distributors is to manage and protect the values of the AR brand and image. The feedback from the market through our distributors is also essential to help us to continuously review
and update our strategy and thereby enable us to respond faster to trends and changes in the markets, naturally for the benefit of our distributors and their customers.


I: Now, an important question for our customers. How would you define the optimal storage solution for Amco – AR clients, from your perspective?


JA: Any storage solution should be based on the customers’ needs and their economic drivers for a return on capital costs. Nevertheless, rather than define an optimal solution, I would highlight the importance of continuously supporting the customers with their ever-changing needs. In that sense, Amco – AR Racking is an essential partner that can offer possibilities such as analysis and re-configuration of existing racks in real-time as well as configuration and delivery of rack extensions, under very tight deadlines and from a very broad range of storage systems.


I:  Why would you recommend the Amco-AR solution for the Romanian market?


JA: The Amco-AR solution consists of a service of advice and personalised management of projects and a product of the highest quality, guaranteed by compliance with European regulations on storage systems that regulate the raw material, structural calculation, design, etc., and local regulations such as Romanian seismic regulations. Currently, European regulations are the most demanding worldwide and were developed to guarantee the safety of the product.


I: What are Amco-AR’s objectives for the Romanian market, in the medium and long term?


JA: Our objective is to develop a long-term relationship with the end customer and to become the most valued brand on the market.

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