Storage systems consultancy

In order to obtain minimal costs by using optimal solutions, SC AMCO INTERDEAL SRL provides consultancy services for warehouse logistics applications.

In the interest of providing an optimal economic and functional response, it is necessary to analyze the company’s needs in relation to its capabilities. The determination of the solution is carefully studied, taking into account all the details and specifics of the application, in order to adjust the workflow and obtain spaces with a maximum coverage ratio.

At the request of the customer, AMCO Interdeal launches a free offer, which takes into account all aspects of the project, from design to the actual installation of the shelving system. Everything, from a single source.

A quality consultancy saves you time and resources spent on solutions that are inappropriate for your needs.

Therefore, for a qualitative dead on target experience, which leaves room for profit, we invite you to contact us when needed.


Design and Implementation

We have the best resources and technologies for designing storage systems, with a dedicated team of engineers and special design programs.

The first step in creating an application is the analysis phase, which involves collecting all the data on the project and objective pursued. The next step is to set up the determined optimal solution into the software. Thus, following the design process, we have the plan on all technical, functional and safety parameters, ready for implementation.

The implementation process is like a puzzle, composed of the perfect assembly of “pieces”:

– supplier order- verification of the final conditions of the space -determination of the transport conditions- analysis from the perspective of installation – receipt of the goods and verification thereof – preparation for installation and installation- verification of each stage of installation – handing over and taking over the installed structure –



Experience, promptness, reliability, and attention to details are the key points in achieving a safe professional installation according to the European regulations. These principles, together with the results obtained throughout our activity, help us reinforce successful and lasting relationships with our partners.

We have an experience of 17 years in installing racking systems, offering this service ever since the company was founded. It is superfluous to say that experience recommends us, but given the fact that it is the stage of the project containing the most “surprises”, all this time we have learnt to reduce the risks to the minimum so that we deliver the work under the best conditions and according to established terms.

Service and Periodical Inspections

We are interested in having the shelving systems we supply work at maximum parameters for as long as you use them. For this purpose we offer maintenance service after completing and handing over the system for operation.

Following the service inspection, due to its own production capacity, Amco can quickly provide and replace the damaged parts of your storage system.

These services are essential in preventing any interruption of your activity, but also mandatory according to the order 393, art. 7.3, the user of the racking system being responsible to preserve unaltered the safety coefficients.

System modifications and Relocations

Depending on the evolution of your business, there may be a need to change the location of the warehouse, reorganize or reconfigure the existing shelving system. For such cases, we provide you with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field, regardless of the type of shelving system.



AMCO INTERDEAL has the possibility to produce a wide range of items and accessories with its own production factory. This allows you to configure your storage system to meet all the particularities of the application, under maximum security conditions. At the same time, a great advantage is that it allows compliance with orders and projects in a considerably shorter time and greater flexibility in spontaneous service interventions or regarding supplementation of the items received from external suppliers.

Products manufactured:

Shelves, column protectors, line/row protectors, L-type protectors, spacers, levelling plates, safety pins, ladders, bracings, anticollaps mesh, mesh panels, mezzanine structure elements, column and beam modifications, others.