Longspan shelving

The Longspan shelving storage system is designed for storing medium and large weight goods. It is very useful in warehouses where products are manually handled and Man-to-Product activity is conducted. The system is adaptable to space, therefore a great storage efficiency is obtained. With a maximum height of 20 meters, upper levels can be accessed either by forklifts or if needed by cranes (stackercranes), or by supplementing the system with overlapped pedestrian passages, thus making direct manual picking possible.

System properties

  • System is setup for picking applications with heights of up to 20 meters for medium and heavy products;
  • Loading capacity can reach 2400 kg / level and 7500 kg / module;
  • Due to the wide range of possible accessories, the system allows storage of different goods in a wide variety of packing sizes and methods;
  • Provides the possibility of installing pedestrian passages for access to upper levels for direct manual picking, no longer requiring operation with specialized equipment;
  • Allows direct, individual access to each product, and adapts to any type of transit FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, etc.;
  • Each storage space is occupied by a single type of product, thus providing a very good visual control of the stock;
  • Can be configured with mezzanine type of structures;
  • The system offers the advantage of being assembled in a very short time, providing good stability and an attractive price.

Carton Flow Racking

The Carton Flow gravity rack system is used successfully for picking and is specifically designed to reduce the time of order preparation.

It works according to the FIFO principle, requiring two lanes: one for loading and one for unloading. The advantage of choosing this system is the continuous flow of the load-unload activity. It is usually used between the production activities and finished product or order preparation.

System properties

  • The system can be used both as a standalone system with or without wheels, but also embedded into the lower levels of a pallet rack system;
  • The ability to adjust the shelves and the roller tracks to suit different needs makes the system applicable to numerous sizes and weights of the goods;
  • The time required to feed the production line is considerably reduced, as well as the distances and transfer times from the storage shelves to the handling area;
  • It is compatible with the Pick-to-light or light-directed picking system in order to increase productivity during order period and almost completely reduce errors;
  • Activity can be controlled by embedding the Easy VMS software;
  • The gravity system offers major economic benefits, being a high-density storage system that provides for more storage space as opposed to traditional solutions.


The Shelving system is designed for picking system shelf storage of light products.

Galvanized metal shelves provide for a wide range of use, being the most flexible and versatile storage system for small and medium components. The complete range of accessories offers the possibility of configuring the shelving system in view of optimizing the activity.

System properties

  • The Shelving system has a range of different accessories so that different types of goods can be stored, such as: boxes, folders, archives and / or products requiring hanging, such as clothes;
  • Different elements can be combined to obtain units appropriate to the type of product stored;
  • The height of the units can be adjusted every 25mm;
  • The weight-supporting capacity is up to 280 kg per level and 2500 kg per module;
  • It can be built as a traditional rack system or configured with pedestrian passages to ensure access to higher levels;
  • It has a wide usage range, from stand-alone systems with manual pick up to large fully automated centres;
  • It is an ideal solution for offices, stores and premises which require or are conceived to have an attractive design;
  • The system can be mounted on movable rails, a useful solution for archives or warehouses;
  • Easy to assemble;

Movibloc mobile shelving

The movibloc system involves installing shelves on mobile bases, thus providing greater storage space and also direct access to each shelf. It’s a compact storage solution, perfect for archives and generally for small products: books, documents, pharmaceuticals, etc.

System properties

  • Eliminates the need for multiple lanes, thus the space is used at maximum capacity;
  • The system can be operated manually or automated by means of a remote control;
  • The range of accessories available contributes to perfect classification of documents, in case of archives;
  • Ensures a high degree of security;
  • They are very versatile and can be adapted to any requirement;
  • Attractive design due to quality finishes;
  • Easy to handle and assemble.