The Cantilever system is specifically designed to store bulky goods and objects of different lengths. It is the ideal solution for storing long metal profiles, ducts, pipes, wooden boards, plastic or metal sheets, etc.

This solution can provide a balanced organization with easy access, making the most of the available space, all at a low cost.

System properties

  • This system has an increased versatility, the configuration can be adapted to any type of warehouse and goods of less common lengths;
  • The system is made up of vertical columns on which horizontal loading arms are fastened with retainers at the end. Products are stored horizontally on the loading arms, either manually or using forklifts or cranes, depending on the weight of the objects;
  • Load capacity per arm is generally over 400 kg;
  • There is the option of installing the Cantilever system on a mobile base to achieve greater storage density while keeping the option to access each product directly;
  • The row of columns can be provided with storage on both sides;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use;
  • For the safety of the solution, the columns on which the loading arms are arranged are much more robust and floor contact is higher, the system being provided with a solid sole longer than any storage arm. Vertically, it is provided with bracings elements between the columns.