The Mezzanine system is designed for storage spaces where the height allows for a vertical exploitation thereof, being an optimal method for doubling or even tripling the surface area.

This is basically an easy-to-assemble metal structure that can create new surfaces at height in warehouses, allowing creation of space for storage, work, offices, or locker rooms in a fast and economical way.

The mezzanine platform can have both the shelve system (on-rack) as well as its own structure (independent) as structural frame.

System properties

  • The mezzanine system is an economical and versatile solution for companies wishing to enhance the storage surface;
  • The mezzanine structure consists of the newly created floor, railings, access staircases and gates for pallets or non-palletized goods;
  • There is a wide variety of sizes and finishes of the mezzanine platforms to mould to any space distribution and load capacity requirements;
  • The cost per square meter of a mezzanine structure is much lower than the cost of building a concrete ancillary premises to enhance the warehouse;
  • It does not require a foundation, therefore it can easily be relocated or modified according to new needs;
  • Mezzanine platform can be combined with different shelving systems;
  • There are 3 types of mezzanine structures, designed according to the stored goods, the distance between the columns and, last but not least, according to the intended use - Sigma system, GL system 2000, MixedSystems.