About us

AMCO Interdeal has started its activity on the Romanian market as of 2001, as a provider of shelving systems and optimal warehousing solutions. From the very beginning, the professional attitude, superior product quality, development through innovation, and respect for moral values have been priorities within our company. Thus, AMCO Interdeal is now a well established brand on the shelving market, with remarkable performance in optimizing intralogistic activities and creating fair business relationships, based on a unitary vision. 

In the over 18 years of activity, having a constant orientation towards evolution, innovation and learning, we have put into practice newer and newer methods or solutions which improve the experience of working with us. First of all, we wanted to offer our customers complete logistic solutions, fact manifested since 2002, by setting up the AMCO INTERDEAL- TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING partnership. Thus our customers can purchase from the same source both shelves as well as special merchandise handling equipment suitable for each system.

Moreover, over time, we have created a portfolio of suppliers, choosing the best of the best following direct  experiences. As a provider of optimal warehouse logistics solutions, AMCO Interdeal has a solid and trustworthy partner – AR racking – alongside which we were able to meet our customers’ needs with the best quality products and storage solutions appropriate to each situation.

At the same time, during these years, we have managed to create a competent and competitive team at the highest levels of performance, with well-trained project managers dedicated to this challenging and creative activity. We take pride in saying that we have learnt something from all our experiences, therefore we have won excellence skills for any type of storage or service we offer:

 – from consultancy on systems and complex design to the turn-key installation, including customized service offers and periodic inspections.

Under commitment to always keep our word, AMCO INTERDEAL is a solid partner alongside which you can achieve the best performance through storage logistics. Therefore, we are here, anytime, to work on your projects with creativity, efficiency and sustainability.

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Sectors served

Regardless of your product, we know the best storage solution. In more than 18 years of experience in the field of storage solutions, we have gained skills in efficient and sustainable organizing of logistic processes in any field of activity. We hold a comprehensive know-how and technologies suitable for both civilian storage projects as well as for sophisticated, complex industrial warehousing projects.

Hence, in conclusion, we have efficient outcomes in the following industries or activity sectors:

– Industrial sector : Unilever, Continental, Philip Morris, Monsanto

– Pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector: Avon, AD Pharma, Fildas, Fiterman pharma, Sanirom

– Logistics operators: Aquila, Unilever, H.Essers, Geodis, FM Logistic, Kuehne&Nagel

– Food and beverage industry: Coca-Cola, Friesland, Macromex, Whiteland, Agrana, Heidi

– Automotive industry: Delphi, Conex, Ford, Dura Automotive, Comat Auto

– Fashion industry: Otter, FF Group, Deslee-clama, Interbrands

– Banking and administration (archives): BCR, AB Activ, Banca Franceza

– Retail: Metro, Profi, Mega Image, Jysk, Carrefour

– Civil sector

Quality Assurance

Modesty is damaging to business relationships” says the top 10k, and we totally resonate with this statement. If there is still some doubt as to the confidence in our company, we want to make sure we have eliminated it: