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It’s been 20 years since I first stepped into the empty warehouses, or through warehouses with stacks of goods scattered on the floor, in the country. I was dumbfounded to see so much clutter, so much wasted space. Then I calmed down, actually realizing how much work I had to do.

I’m AMCO and I’m 20 years old. You probably know me, but what I’m going to tell you here is a premiere. Twenty years ago, I was driving a rusty Fiat Tempra on the roads of my homeland, meeting people who dreamed of growing their business. It was, as they say, romantic times, and we often discussed the details of the application directly with the shop owner at the door of the store. Entrepreneurs were discovering for the first time the road to profit through smart storage.

I was telling them who I was and that I live with logistical flows in mind 24/7. Frankly, I was obsessed. I woke up at night and I was able to talk to you non-stop about rows of shelves, simple, double, adjustable modules, corridors… everything according to the ideal parameters, always ideal, in any application.

I was hungry, like any company born in Romania during the transition period, if you remember.  That country without NATO and the EU, without LinkedIn and Facebook. But above all, it was like the desire to put my shoulder to the success of my partner. I had a deep feeling that my logistics were clearing the customer’s storehouse of dreams and hopes.

Without knowing it, I was a pioneer. I was involved in the most important projects of the time, meeting the country’s great businessmen during the negotiations. And each time I put in the extra effort of energy focused on my knowledge. In the end, I wanted the customer to receive a little more than he asked for.

I AMCO, and my shelves, form a whole. We are inseparable and the customers, feeling this, have given us credit so many times. I worked side by side with partners like Toyota Romania (cargo handling equipment division). Without realizing it, I surrounded myself with the best in the field. They were looking for me because of my results, and I was happy because I could offer something better to my customers. I was flattered when the shelf manufacturer financed by the Belgian royal house looked for me, or when he wrote me a family with a tradition of almost a century in steel processing, such as the Arania family in the Basque Country. Every top brand that looked for me and wanted to work with me brought me a huge achievement.

If I think about it, it is possible that everyone came close when they realized that for AMCO the shelves are more than steel. They have a soul of their own and support more than the burden of the goods in the warehouse. I have always believed that my shelves support the customers’ hopes for the best, remaining steadfast and faithful to that business, in order to grow it non-stop. (with proper maintenance, obviously 🙂

Now, on my 20th birthday, I’m grateful looking back. I want to thank all those who are part of AMCO’s existence. At the same time, I let you know that I am full of energy and I have so many ideals. I am preparing to keep up with the latest trends, I take into account the pandemic crisis, and I have in mind the movements in the industry. I’m AMCO and at 20s I feel full of positive energy, ready to continue our story.