Storage systems and metal shelving

---AMCO Interdeal's high-quality storage systems, developed and manufactured in-house, provide metal shelving with maximum reliability and efficiency. ---

Smart storage, Place for profit!


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For products of large weight and dimensions, which are handled with specific work equipment

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For products of small and average weight, with picking system storage

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For storing profiles and materials of different lengths

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To double or triple the space surface by installing superposed platforms


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Consultancy in metal shelving and storage systems

We guarantee a qualitative dead on target experience, and which leaves room for profit by identifying the right solution for each situation

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Design and implementation

Our solutions are designed by well-trained project managers and fit all technical, functional and safety parameters

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Service and periodical inspections

We act promptly and efficiently on your requests to ensure a continuous and safe dynamics of your business

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System changes and relocations

Regardless of the shelf system you have, we can reorganize or reconfigure it according to your current needs

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We meet the most demanding expectations through quality execution, carefully supervised by project managers and finalized according to the determined contractual terms

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We manufacture a wide range of metal elements and accessories in our production workshop, which are aligned to European safety and quality standards


In a world where efficiency and innovation are more than optional, they are essential. Amco offers you intelligent storage systems with mobile shelving, adaptable for a variety of storage environments, including cold storage warehouses.

Discover how our cutting-edge storage technology with mobile shelving can transform any warehouse into a high-efficiency logistics center. This is not just an investment in advanced technology, but a long-term strategy for efficiency, profitability, and sustainability, perfectly tailored to the most diverse and demanding storage conditions and logistical requirements.

  • Doubling the storage capacity per square meter
  • 10 high mobile bases, each 10 meters tall and 22.1 meters long
  • Efficient operation at -30 degrees Celsius


  • Experience of over 20 years
  • Expertise for any type of storage
  • High performance team with well-trained and experienced senior managers
  • Resources to deliver complete solutions
  • Partnerships with renowned rack system manufacturers, therefore offering you the best quality products
  • Own production facility - metal parts and accessories - to meet urgent needs
  • Free Consultancy and offer

What do our customers say

A serious, prompt partner who meets his contractual obligations on time, providing quality products at competitive prices. These conclusions are the result of collaborating on several acquisition projects (for metallic drive-in shelve systems) between our companies, contracts that have been fulfilled on time, without doubtfulness or inconsistencies. Good product quality, operative and prompt reply to orders as well as installation of products determined us to choose AMCO Interdeal to be our long-term partner.
Jeroen Fabry
We are pleased with the quality of the storage system provided, as well as the services provided, the promptness and professionalism of the representatives of this company. We recommend AMCO Interdeal as a good supplier, a serious and prompt partner, and we express our intention to collaborate again in the future.
Adrian Gearap
I express my appreciation towards the cooperation with AMCO Interdeal, due to the high quality of the services provided and the efficiency of the project implementation process. The team of managers through professionalism of its members has always provided us support in choosing the best options and solutions for our punctual requests. In conclusion, I recommend Amco Interdeal as a good, professional, and trustworthy collaborator, and I appreciate its quality services and the flexibility of the solutions offered.
General Manager
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We design and implement optimal logistics solutions of metal shelving and storage systems to help you:

  • speed-up towards the envisaged commercial objectives
  • have precise control over the merchandise, avoiding loss or damage
  • implement an effective work style with long-term performance


Safety in storage systems and metal shelving

Because both the safety of the operator and the safety of the material goods are an important factor in deciding on the purchase of products, the storage systems and metal shelving we offer are designed, manufactured and assembled in accordance with the safety and quality requirements and standards laid down by the European Union.

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