Because both the operator’s safety and protection of tangible goods are an important factor in deciding on the purchase of products, the shelving systems we offer are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the European Union’s safety and quality requirements and standards.

The sizing and design of the final solution for your project will be done in accordance with the rules in force.

In addition, for your safety, Amco provides you with the periodic inspection service for racking systems in order to analyze and prevent damages.

Because safety is the highest priority in a warehouse, the following rules shall be observed:

  • do not change the configuration of the shelving system without the vendor's approval
  • do not climb the shelve system
  • regular inspection of the racking system, pallets and forklift shall be conducted
  • all failures ascertained shall be reported to the vendor
  • do not continue to use damaged parts
  • use only pallets in good condition
  • the weight will be evenly distributed on the pair of beams